Monday, June 22, 2009


"Dalam awan,ada hujan,dan dalam hujan,ada lautan,dalam aku,ada dia,dan dalam dia,ada kita ada semua"

if we take one closer look to who we were 10 years ago,we won't believe how much we evolved...
last week i asked my niece when her school will be opened and,
Almas(niece) : 28hb
Me : 28hb ape?
Almas : Safar
then i laughed and take look back n realize how naive i am too 10 years ago..we undeniably missed our childhood even though we hardly remember the details..but if we saw something that connected us to the past we quickly recover that details..the memory is there,its not lost,its just abandoned..
n to remember our past is not easy as it said as well done is better than well said ryte?so we must make physical contact..n to recover details about some of my history i need return to 2 years of my life were spent there,2 big years of my life..
cant wait to go back..
n for those who still searching ur soul,stop searching elsewhere,search ur past...
memori itu masih ADA..

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