Wednesday, June 17, 2009


its been a excitement these past two days for me,,
well yesterday,i went to sungai gabai waterfall,hulu langat,,
fuh,refreshing..its been a long time since i had a cool day in the water,,
haha,,n today i went to metro point kajang with bongek n kacak to play some pool n watched them played 6 games of bowling,,
well actually,they planned to play 4 games je tapi bongek accidentally bought an extra 2,meaning 2 extra fee..kih3..
one more thing,i'm growing curious but not so furious towards some opposition leaders's decision to wear something out of ordinary in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday..either he is going just for the world attention,which he does get or he really believe to expect DUN to be disband just coz he said so..funny,,
so he gets the front page of newspapers!!
people often said that first step towards being noticed is being mentioned...haha..
neway,gudluck to him and all the planning of united government which is political leader's wet dream,just.


Izni MS said...

gle ke emi ngn kack 2..
mau xpath tgn~

ardy said...

haha..dy nak men 2 game je..pastuh nak tambah lagi 2 bongek sengal gi tambah lagi 4..