Wednesday, July 1, 2009


"a new born baby is like a white cloth,the parents are responsible to decorate it not to be just colourful but also meaningful..."

salam muhibbah.
first of all i'd like to announce that i'm gonna have a nephew either tonight or early in the morning tomorrow..
its going to be my first nephew,n the 3rd children of my brother..
so,tonight my mom is off to damansara to take care of the two princess,AUNI and ALMAS..
i just got back from there sending my mom of coz with my dad..
n my brother showed me his new phone(aiseh tau la gaji besor..)..W9?? ntah,xigt..
n esok aku nak tgk skali lagi transformers yang overrated tuh..haha..tu je..
adios..xde masa ni.hehe
update: aqil was born,aku dah tgk 2nd time transformers,n i got a new idea for the next post..haha
adios one more time..

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