Sunday, July 5, 2009


salam 1Malaysia...
sure u have heard of this message before told by our very own mother,
"do not talk to stranger"..
i didnt think much of that until 2 days before today when i'm on a bus home,
overheard two completely strangers just met each other and having a conversation like they known each other for bunch of years.
then,i recall back all the 1st moment i met all my friends..
when we first met our friends they are all stranger to us,but if we did not talk to them like we talked to them,eventually we wont have any friends to: CONSOLE,ADVISE,UNDERSTAND,LAUGH AT,and most important LOVE...
well,i guess the caution talking to stranger is less rationale in this country where 1Malaysia is currently being practiced..u just have to be extra careful!haha
"talking to stranger"?nah,scratch that!

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