Tuesday, August 4, 2009


first of all,this is my last day of paranoia-induced holiday that has been created by all the pigs n their flu..well,as i already knew,i created this blog exclusively for me to say anything bout what i practically done,visually saw,flashily thought,n slowly heard..
yeah2,basically thats why i blogging...haha...
but its not my diary(i still dont know why i mumbling about my own blog...hahaha...)
as we all know,malaysia has already recorded their 6th victim of swine flu..however we are still not in the top10 and thats kinda blow..what i would like to stress here is that u do not get swine flu if u know how to properly take care of urself..in other words,u get flu,its ur own damn mistake..dont blame the gov,the clinic,even the pig itself..so,eat well,sleep well,get well,but dont drink from a well..
the other issue is the gerakan mansuhkan ISA(gmi) that succesfully achieved what they aim for..creating a havoc n get others in difficulties..yeay..big clap..mydin only lost in excess of rm300,000 n rm500,000 overall for all the shop there..so GMI-ans?happy?then lets do it again.let me pick a spot..how bowt this time,we march at Bukit Bintang together with all the tourist..sure they'll love it..so c'mon..
ha,what a crack!
anyway,before asar nih,aku berangkat la pulang ke upm..jom la kite sambung study ye..:D
thats all..

P/S:cahah,if u're reading this,wait for my wish...12/8..i wont forget..:D


Izni MS said...

8 victims already~

Anonymous said...


Dean Shaari said...

cracking my ass all the way
nice take on the issue ahax!
BTW, thanks for the comment before