Tuesday, September 1, 2009


suatu masa...
Bapak : adik,suke tak merdeka?
Anak : suke.
Bapak : sebab ape?
Anak : sebab ade bunga api..

Wartawan : ape pendapat adik2 tentang merdeka?
Pelajar : merdeka..erm,best ar sbb ble nak countdown dok lepak2 ngan awek tgk bunga api..

Suami : anak kite ni lahir 31August ni...
Isteri : syukur kite dpt anak merdeka..

At the end of the day,the child who used to like fireworks now become one of malaysia huge chunk of unemployed bastards who just got fired from his works...the student died after he tried to save his girlfriend from being taken hostage by bapak ayam..son of the hubby n wife become the most wanted man in malaysia after involving himself with terrorist..
i can tell how much independence these people are..i can tell even if i'm looking from my goddamn ass..
so ladies n gentlemen..merdeka=bebas,at least theoretically..
now i know what those fireworks at merdeka square every year mean at least from my point of view..it represents the wisdom of our people that slowly going away to the sky..never coming back down..
now i know what those people shouting MERDEKA! for...ah,this one just for fun..
now i know why mat rempit keep on revving their bike for no reason..wait,they got reason..bcoz we are independence now...wow,thats really comforting..
now i know what independence does the mat rempit have...the independence to represent the wisdom left(if theres any...)after most of their wisdom gone away with the fireworks..haha..works well..
bile tanye kenape buat camni?merdeka la,merdeka..tu pown xtau..bebas..
sape yg xtau ni..hahaha
bile tanye siapa mat salleh?tu pelancong nampak tu..mat salleh la tu..
sape tok janggut?owh,tu atok ak..org kg panggil tok janggut..
bile malaysia siap?31 august la bang...
wow,wow,wow..malaysia especially we the malay is now 'full' of wisdom..
thanx to politics,malaysia now have 4 major ethnic...chinese,indian,dumb malays n dumber malays...one thinks they are on the right side,the other think they are..ah,right side,left side..in the end we all go down then up..
as for me..i'm still searching the wisest thing to do to honour the independence..
not just stay up night and laughing seeing our very own 'wisdom' gone away with the wind..
marilah kite berpuasa di bulan ramadhan...ah,wait,kite bebas memilih nak puase ke tak..lupe..its a free country...
to YOU up there,,thanx for keeping me breathing n still trying to find YOU..
salam ramadhan

P/S:this post is a tribute to YOU,to malaysia,to myself n cahah...adios


Anonymous said...

heh encik dyan,
perlu ke name saya di-mention kat ur post??

haha XD

ardy said...

bila terasa perlu...then ia perlu disebutkan...jgn marah ek?...