Tuesday, October 27, 2009

she did it!

owh my,owh my..last i updated this blog i thought i could still see mammoth walking around,,now they've gone..haha..
well,not really in the mood of updating this i guess..but what the hell,i'd give it a go,just go..
actually,i've wanted to say a lot of things but ka-boom,where did u go?haha
lately,i've realized that some things can change overnight..
they said that u cant fall in love with someone else and have a crush with someone else..well,not that u cant but u shouldnt..
funny,happened to me..i dont know,for a year i've been waiting for some answer,i only got some pranks..but then this one girl,just met her thrice...she really could stimulates the XY in me..haha i dont know,i dont know..i despise myself for being like this,but i just cant kick away natural chemistry..(just another way of saying organic chemistry...hihi..)
the person i love has everything i wanted but this girl i have crush on,has everything i wanted and some more..owh my,now i really despise myself..but,i never said out loud to both that i've feelings for them n that leaves me options..however,i dont know what these 2 XX got to say bowt me ergo,i dont know what to do...
haha...i guess i just have to be me..me whom someone called man full of ancient wisdom..*blush?*haha
well,in the end,i'm me..
and still hovering along the axis of confusion..haha


cahahah said...

dyan, saya tag awak tau! haha

ardy said...

tag katne tuh?