Monday, November 30, 2009

game over!

"Let's play a love game,play a love game,do you want love or you want fame?Are you in the game?Dans le love game?"

If the Lady is right,love is a game,then its game over 4 me..haha..obviously she dont love me,n clearly i need to get over her..what can i say?love is a game..but people often said that once game is over,play it again or buy a new game...haha.i wish it was that easy..

erm,i thought i need to get over it so lets get over this first heh?haha
well,to be honest.i pretty much doing nothing cuty ni n just hope that holiday will be over soon so i wont have to sit on my ass n dont know what to do..

thats why igt nak amek lesen la cuty ni..haha..
*org len dah ader lesen ak je lom..*

erm,basically thats it for my saying goes,wisdom dont play everyday..haha

P/S : the new game is commenced to be released 1 year after game over..haha


lyanalewis said...

I choose restart game. or maybe change the difficulty from normal to easy. Oh yes...any tutorial for 1st time beginner? :D

haha. *aku dh lmer weh dpt lesen..lepas spm trus amik* haha

ardy said...

kalau ader tutorial pown utk aku la...ko bkn 1st time beginner..haha..lepas spm aku busy merantau satu malaysia,keje lagi..xde mase de..haha

lyanalewis said...

haha. ishk. yelaa2..