Saturday, December 19, 2009


well,it seems like an ordinary word usually being mentioned by any of us...but the tone that i like the most came from the mouth of Agent 47@Timothy Oliphant dalam citer A Perfect Getaway..haha..
n what i'm gonna say in this post are totally not relevant with the intro n the title..guess i have to say it is not a perfect getaway..ha!
actually,all i want to talk about is about this month events that some of them WERE vital to me,others..that will be..
first of all the 6th of december,,well for all of u wanna know(and pretend if u dont wanna know..),is my birthday and always gonna be vital to me as i will kept remember that on a thursday 19years ago,after half an hour the Tunku Abdul Rahman passed away...i was born..patah tumbuh hilang berganti..
14th of december is the birthdate of one of my best friend which i guess now she only consider me as just an ex-colleague..(the first WERE..)
16th of december is just another WERE that i actually fail to forget each year..she was my sister n i broke her heart..well,u cant love ur sister like a the end,air yang dah beku tadi pon dicincang sampai putus..but still consider her as one of the best friend alive(though maybe not vice versa.)
and on 26th of december,i will register my name in the list of future..of course continuing my study whatever course that may be...
but the most vital is on this day also is the 5th anniversary of the tsunami that destroyed some HISTORY and a lot of FUTURE..the most important thing is,this tsunami that got us lost many things is the water which is by word is vital to us..and as VITAL goes in this case,u can't live without them,n sometimes can't live by them...
as the TSUNAMI occured,at that time a lot of victim especially in the area of Phuket and Indonesia were OUT,STANDING facing their death..
well,its HIM the MOST OUTSTANDING showed us glimpse of HIS power..
no matter how devastated it was,its

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