Thursday, April 29, 2010

the end.

is just the beginning...
i thought i will be around here rather later than sooner..
but there are too much going on inside my mind n it seems that i cant keep it locked any longer..the lock was rusting...haha.
21/4/2010 marked as the day of my last hurrah this semester n what a hurrah..3 paper in a day n of course by 3 paper,i mean 3 subjects not 3 pieces of paper(to those who are not too bright..haha..)..but let that gone and be bygone..
i wanna get rid of that explicitly,simply bad memory of that gonna wrap up my semester..
i guess not..
the event that wrapped up my 1st semester is the most happiest day as upm student..
a trip to genting with a bunch of children(that counts me..)..fuh,unsaid by word,unseen by pic,unheard by,i think i'm gonna fold here..n let that memory arousing my temporal lobe for a while..
to all,hepi holiday n remember single itu lagi sedap dari pringle..


cahah said...

sampai ati pg genting tak singgah uia bawak makanan!


mr.dyan said...

alalala...bukan xnk singgah,tapi dyan pkai seluar pendek..xleh masuk uia..haha

Anonymous said...

ahhhhhh. alasan!

mr.dyan said...

ala,yela2..nnt next time dyan dtg la bwak tempoyak ikan patin ngan air tembikai..leh?

Anonymous said...

takpe takyah susah2. dtg bwk pizza or mcd cukup. hihi

dyan-malas-login said...

cukup ke?;p