Saturday, April 10, 2010

a glimpse. has been almost 2 full moon that i havnt updated this i'm gonna give me a flash of whats going around...
its been a while and a lot to be said..but since there are a lot to be said, i spill out only some of them and the rest is swallowed..this is a free country indeed,no doubt about it..but there might be somethings that need not be said out loud..there are sensitivity to be pat..motion sensor all around the globe..haha..(please dont catch me for this..)
so,here we go..
recently,k13 is being surrounded by the news that a lot of no-need-to-break and entering case..a bundle of laptop,a suitcase of handset and a stack of money is stolen..suspect:classified.
lately,i've been haunted by my past and haunted as i said meaning that its messing with my mind...lucky for me,i got 2,3 friends who can ease that n thanks to y'all..
silently exam is around that corner..n i'm still turning my back on it..gosh, week,indeed..:))

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